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Review by Gres, Rating:
I have been with Clark for about 5 years. Biggest PROs: 1. Cheap and fast. 2. FREE online storage with ability to download full resolution pics. (though, lately they limit it to 50) On CONs side: occasionally, they can do sub par job. But, I had no problem with replacing whole orders. As sidenote: at one point I decided to try other site- snapfish. Within couple of days I received two orders. Both were printed and mailed from SAME print shop. So, I\'ll give them a 4* - as they are almost p...

Review by Mag, Rating:
Cheap price but bad quality.

Review by Marko, Rating:
I have been using Clark Color exclusively for about 2 years for all my 4x6 photo printing. Usually I do this about 3 to 4 times per year and print 100 to 150 photos each time. They have a great feature that lets you get photos for $0.09 if you pre-pay $40.00. The problem is that the past two times I prepaid for a new batch, the balance of my photo credits was gone the next time I went to place an order! They ripped me off!

Review by Ken, Rating:
Simply terrible. They use super cheap and thin paper to print on. They used to use Kodak, but now use a n name brand and the pictures come out horrible.

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