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Review by Dave, Rating:
I started using them for weddings earlier this year. Quality was hit or miss. The first few proof orders were good. What I liked was they printed the file number on the back of the print. But then I started receiving some that were clearly inferior quality where the number was not on the back.

Review by Reno, Rating:
Outstanding: Great Print Wizard program, Great shipping rates (max under $10), Great quality (I chose Lustre/Matte), and Fast delivery with Priority Mail. Best site I've used so far (I've tried Snapfish and WalMart). I only wish I had tried the auto fix option, as I now see recommended in

Review by Reno, Rating:
In a word: OUTSTANDING. The Print Wizard program allowed me to upload over 1000 photos in about 4hrs (I just started it and went to bed... then completed my order in the morning with no problems). Their shipping maxes out at under $10. I chose their Matte/Lustre (non-glossy) and the pictures are wonderful. I only wish I had used their auto-fix feature, after reading other reviews on Yes, the website and email confirmations are basic - but what more do you need? BEST VALUE, in my opinion.

Review by Nichole S., Rating:
I use to do all my wedding proofs. They are consistant and fast. Two of my customers used them for greeting cards this year and had good results, although not as many selections as some other sites. Overall good company.

Review by Kendra Tiernan, Rating:
I've used Winkflash before and they were OK, however based on other reviews on the internet, I've switched to Dimeprints and they have been great.

Review by ted, Rating:
terrible quality

Review by Jens, Rating:
I have used your services a couple of times now and am impressed. Good price & quality plus quick shipping.

Review by Jim in Texas, Rating:
I thought I got a really good value with this company. Fast shipping, good quality, and great price. What more can you ask for?

Review by Joe Robbin, Rating:
I've tried a couple of the other sites, but Dimeprints seems the best, the quality was outstanding.

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