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Review by Steve langham, Rating:
This customer was not happy that he could not get a replacement for the prints the post office attempted to deliver 2 days after we shipped the order in October 2012. He did not contact us within the required 30 days to tell us he did not receive the order. Instead he informed us in january 2013. 120 days after the fact. I told him there was not much we could do but contact the post office. ePingo fulfilled its responsibility to the customer. He has however not taken any responsibly for not going to the post office to pick up the order in October 2012. Some people just don?t like rules and try to get their way by threatening retaliation.

Review by fgf, Rating:
Company is not customer oriented please check out some place else Steve Langham President, is not customer service representative, it is worse he is the president of the company he is rude and did not seem to even want to help me out and told me this conversation is over with out even trying to give me options the post office lost my poster prints and his only option was to give me a 15% to make a new order that\'s incredible After spending more than $58.00 dollars, Steve if I where the owner of your company and you where the client i would contacted USPS and tried to locate the package if i could find it, i would have giving you a 50% discount to split costs in half and you would be a 100% satisfied customer. Customers Beware Steve Langham is there only to make money and not to help you out when there\'s a problem. Remember you win and you loose you give options to help your customer and the customer recommends you but when you only want to win you get these reviews i think that people so rude should be behind warehouse and not in the front of a company. Hi Steve hope you read this!

Review by jvyramewp jutx, Rating:
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