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Review by jen, Rating:
I have used them many times, I have loved the pictures everytime. it has been a will since i have ordered throu them. that\'s just cuase don\'t have the money to order my pictures right now. But know love there paper quality. with most places if you fix your picture 1st before down loading it your picture will be even better yet. but know i have order from 4x6 up to 16x20 picture everyone turned out great for me

Review by Cynthia, Rating:
Cons: poor packaging and VERY disappointing photo quality. Pros: cheap, fast delivery available. I had a bunch of 8x10's printed from jpg's at a local (expensive) photo shop, and I had the SAME files printed at (much cheaper). Comparing each print, the kodakgallery ones were all much worse than the locals. The colors were just NOT good - they were blueish and overly bright. Also they cropped to LESS than 8x10, and shipped my order in a flimsy Fedex package. They are cheap...

Review by Jo, Rating:
Great picture quality, fast delivery. They use the good Kodak paper, too, which is really good. However they don't have option matte/lustre, but the pictures look good enough I don't complain. Erickpro--this is not the same as ofoto, you have to upload the pictures all over again the new ofot site known as

Review by erickpro, Rating:
Anybody knows if this place is the same as OFOTO now known as ?

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