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Review by Mary Ann Harris, Rating:
I wish I would have read some reviews. I was so disappointed in what I ordered. And the price was ridiculous. I would not recommend them at all.

Review by Angela, Rating:
Very poor service. This is run by a man who does photo printing from home. Despite specific comments and request to call me regarding my photo order of approximately $100, he sent a highly modified print that was clearly not what I requested. When I called him with my concern upon receipt, he only offered me a discount off further orders. I do not recommend purchasing here - there are far to many other sites that are actual photoshops who have appropriate customer service.

Review by Mark Mattix, Rating:
The quality and speed of shipping my panoramic photo was unbelievable! I ordered a panoramic 42 inches long by 10 3/4 inches (7560x1938) It turned out exactly how I expected it to! I cannot wait to do business with them again! Thanks a lot! -Mark

Review by Donna, Rating:
I am a very happy and pleased returning customer. I am not only estactic about the quality of PAL's work, but also with the personable CSR PAL extends to their clients. I would without hesitation recommend PAL to any person looking for quality, as well as, fair pricing in the very competitive market of digital and film enlargments.

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