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is someone from Photocheap spoofing this forum?? look at the ratings with no names.

Review by dan, Rating:
I just received about 130 prints from Photocheap. i ordered the most inexpensive type they offer. the quality is pretty bad. just looks like washed out color, and when you hold them to the light at an angle, the images really look crappy. I guess i may pay more next time for a better quality processor.

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Review by mark tomin, Rating:
HORRIBLE IMAGE QUALITY. I ordered 350 images made by a DSLR camera and they all look horrendous. My home printer managed to print 10 times better images. It\'s just awful.

Review by John, Rating:
Consistent good guality from 2000. Keep up with good work.

Review by sanju, Rating:
Very bad customer service. I sent them 2 mails and both of them bounced back. No phone number is available to reach them.

Review by luonei ncuqw, Rating:
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Review by jane, Rating:
The company's cheap, but so is the quality. It took 3 weeks to receive my order and most of the prints came out horrible. The coloring was off and most of the prints were pixelated. The image sizes were huge, so I don't know how they messed up my order. Worst of all was dealing w/ customer service. They take days to respond. So not worth the frustration.

Review by nealy, Rating:
good results, but they have changed their shipping policy -- it's no longer .99. it's based on number of prints and pretty expensive.

Review by mike, Rating:
been using for years. very good quality but delivery can be a little slow.

Review by JSK, Rating:
I ordered some here a couple of times and am satisfied. The price is hard to beat and if you make deposits, they will give you a discount. Also, you get a B-day gift of $1.50 credit for free. S&H is one of the best. There is some minor issue with photo quality but you can't find a better price/quality combination.

Review by Colin, Rating:
They deliver fast from Huntington Beach, California, (at least for my orders here) though your charge card will reach Taiwan. Possibly they have a network of labs. They pack very well and deliver as pormised. They do take some risk with the labeling of shipments -- they just tape the address piece of paper to the envelope with four pieces of tape. Although I have not had a problem, I would suspect with multiple USPS package sorting this label could come of easily. Their print quality is super for the price.

Review by Schneidler, Rating:
Good: Shipping is free for your first order, and still very cheap thereafter. If you're a mac user or trying to upload through a firewall, go through photocheap because they let you upload through a browser. Bad: Each order of prints must be all the same size on the same type of paper. You must place orders for different sized prints seperately. Weird. But shipping is only charged once if you do all the orders on the same day.

Review by VITIHO, Rating:
Very good photo service, which also is quite cheap... Looks like they are located in Taiwan, so you shouldn't expect to get your photos very fast, I don't remember how log have i waited to get them, but I think I got them in 1-2 weeks. Green color was little bit to intense, but photos looks really great... This service definetly worth to try, anyway after I tried I should recommend, because of better price/performance of actual prints. Anyway, photocheap definetly have ...

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