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Review by Aladuke, Rating:
I paid extra for 2 day delivery for a birthday present for my mom. When I had not received it after 48 hours, I contacted RitzPix via instant messenger where I was told that not only had my photo not yet shipped, but it not yet even been printed! I requested a manager call me directly. A few minutes later, I received a call from manager Joe who went on to treat me like an insiolent child explaining that ordering a photo is similar to ordering a burger from Burger King and that I needed to have allowed time for production in addition to the two days of shipping. Additionally, \"2 days does not necessarily mean 48 hours...\" WHAT??? He further told me of a winter storm that hit Atlanta a full 24+ hours after submission of my order, stating he cannot control the weather. He was unapologetic and when I asked why I had not received so much as an email telling me my product was delayed, he simply said they had no way to track orders and customers. At this point I was truly annoyed and I said \"sounds to me like a pretty sh*tty process, sir.\" All he said to this was \"Do not curse at me.\" Bottom line, not only is this company unreliable, but they are rude!

Review by Zap, Rating:
I loved the quality in the store and decided to try and order online. Extremely dissapointed. Colors are washed out with a blueish tint, most of the pictures are blurry to a different degree ( the pix were taken with a 7 Mp camera). Fast and efficient but CVS/grcery store quality, not the photo-professionals level like I used to and expected. I will only go to their locations now, never online.

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